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Click here for guidance in healing long-standing rifts, and support for reconnecting with the loved ones who drive you the most crazy in newfound, healthy ways.



Click here for support in moving through the spiritual fire of intimate relationship, moving beyond the game of who’s right and wrong, becoming each other’s greatest allies, and communicating your truth in ways that bring you closer.


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Click here to embark upon a journey towards shameless self-love and aliveness in all your relationships.


Shameless Heart Coaching is about

… Living as love

… Relating from love — and the vibrant, crystal clarity of your “yes” — not your     fear

…Trusting life — and yourself — deeply

… Becoming fully awake, alive, and surrendered wide open in service of your full potential

…Speaking fearlessly from your heart, telling the truth, and doing so with gentleness and compassion


It’s about remembering that the essence of who we are is love. It’s about fomenting shameless being and unfathomable mercy in our world, and inspiring a deep softening and relentless compassion toward ourselves.

From here, we can unleash the power and potential that are our birthright.


Stopping the cycle of shame involves two key components:

1) Healing our personal shame, and deepening our capacity for shameless self-love.

2) Re-learning to communicate from our hearts, and in so doing, becoming both kinder and more authentic, without resorting to suggestions that the other is “wrong,” shameful, or inherently flawed.

In the process, we contribute to a kinder, more loving world.  We learn to navigate the stuck places in our most intimate relationships, and develop practices to sustain and nurture them.  And, we heal, cultivating a deep mercy for ourselves, forgiving all the shameful places that have kept us in hiding. 

Close up of heart made from willow

Because the truth is:

there is nothing wrong with you.

You are not bad. You may think there is something wrong with you.  You may think this a lot, you may think it all the time. But the truth is, there is nothing wrong with you. You are perfect as you are.  You are whole as you are.

Taught to hide, and that we’ll lose connection if we let ourselves be seen, in many ways, we live half-lives.

In Shameless Heart Coaching, I support you in rediscovering your inherent goodness, softening towards it, so that you can come out of the closet with all that you love and value.

Even when you’re scared of others’ disapproval.  Even when you aren’t sure how to speak up.  Even in the midst of the adrenalin-pushing, non-stop drive to produce more, grow more, be more than you already are.

We find the love in all your messy humanity, and we help to give it a voice, and lay the path for that love to become the guiding voice in your life.

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3 Comments on “Home

  • Marina creates a powerful and loving space for you to grow. Her love for life and of spreading empathy is overflowing and transformative. I had the pleasure of attending a workshop she co-facilitated on vulnerability and was left feeling full of love and hungry for more.

  • hi marina,
    exactly my focus these days… unveiling shame.!
    looking forward to reading your blog and sharing.
    shana in NYC


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